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Neue Schule Dressage Warmblood Weymouth 8028 7F

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Don't loose precious marks through tongue evasions!
- The 45degree forward cut port gives generous tongue relief without causing upper palate interference.  It is desigend to that when the bit is correctly engaged, the port lies slightly forward and gently under the palate and giving increased tongue relief.
- It is a design that is very popular and well suited to large tongued warmbloods (KWPN, Hanoverians etc), rather than the finer TB types with thinner tongues.
- A curb design that has helped with may tongue issues such as drawing the tongue back or poking the tongue to the side, by giving a clear channel and takign some pressure off the tongue.

-Very elegant cheek design.
- Supplied with quality double link curb chain.
- 8028 7F has a 14mm mouthpiece with a standard 7cm shank, available from 5" to 6" in size. 

A very popular and useful design, particularly for those horses that are not happy in heavier, thicker weymouths.

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