Myler MB04 Eggbutt Snaffle (Level 2)


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A Myler Level 2 mouthpiece that will apply less tongue pressure than the Level 1, and introduce from tongue relief allowing more freedom for the horse.
- The MB04 mouthpiece will wrap the outer lip and the small port gives the horse more freedom for the tongue when he is moving forward, relaxed.
- Suitable for a wide range of horses, from green to more experienced, and good bit for dressage work and is now dressage legal for FEI and EA events.
- The eggbutt cheeks will assist giving the bit more stability and can be helpful for either a rider with unsteady hands, or a horse that is hesitant into the contact.

A Myler bit designed to give tongue relief for the more established horse.

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Myler MB04 Eggbutt Snaffle
Written by Danielle Duncan on May 23, 2019

I had bought this bit already for my horse and decided to buy a second for my other horse. It is very kind and the horses are comfortable in it.

Myler Eggbut Snaffle
Written by Iznaya on Mar 06, 2019

Having had my horse diagnosed as being tongue sensitive, I needed a dressage legal bit that would help us with a contact negatively-affected by previous poor saddle fit. My first ride in this bit created a noticeable difference, and that is considering that the renovated saddle had already made a difference to how he was going! He accepts the bit and I hear no clinking on teeth from his fidgeting. He stays round for longer and longer, finally!

Very well though about bit.
Written by Emily Murray on Sep 05, 2017

Love this bit. No more pulling the reins out of my hands and better communication between my horse and I. Would highly recommend!

Myler bits
Written by Vicki on Jun 14, 2017

Myler bits are great for horses with thick tongues and therefore have mouthing issues making it much easier to get your horse on the bit.

myler bit
Written by undefined on May 19, 2017

excellent customer service from Charmae. quick turnaround from ordering to delivery. green horse still getting the hang of the bit but much improvement. thanks Myler!

Myler bit
Written by Andrea on Jun 09, 2015

Would just like to say I had a much responsive horse after changing to this bit. He came down nicely on the bit with little to no effort.

good for fussy mouths
Written by Ben on Oct 07, 2014

Took a couple of days for my hot tb to realise the bit wasn't going to kill her but once she did it was great. I had started with level 1 on her but she wasn't quite happy but the level 2 works really well. A lot less tension than regular bits

Do You Want a More Relaxed Horse?
Written by undefined on Aug 25, 2012

Since using this snaffle, there has been an increased desire from my QH gelding to move forward and lower his head. He is eager to be bridled and puts his head down to accept the bit. His head-tossing has decreased and he seems happier to work and concentrate on his rider. He is more relaxed either with contact or on a loose rein. The corners of his mouth no longer seem tender (from pinching!) after a ride. He seems a lot happier and more comfortable in this bit.