The Level Best for your Horse- Myler


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A great resource for anyone interested in bits, not just Myler bits!
Written by Dale, Ron and Bob Myler of Myler Bits.

- This brand new edition builds on the Myler's previous book, "A Whole Bit Better" with imprived definitions of the Myler levels, expanded descriptions of the Myler mouthpieces and cheekpeices, an explaination of how various bits work and a comprehensive guide to the Myler bitting system.
- If you use a Myler or are thinking of using a Myler bit, this book and DVD set is highly recomended and very affordable!

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The level best for your horse
Written by Dodi on May 11, 2012

This book is a must-have. I have always devoted uncountable minutes to every other aspect of my horse, but until now, I hadnt given the bit much thought. I just did as I have always done. Until my current horse told me that wasnt working for her! Thanks to this book, I now give the bit as much if not more consideration than all other aspects of our training & equipment, and my horse is happier for it, lighter and much more comfortable in her work. Great book.

Loved It
Written by Tellena. H on Mar 19, 2012

Very informative. Worth every cent. Glad I brought it. I got a lot from this book and the accompanying DVD is a great extra due to the fact that anything that I didn’t quite ‘get’ in the book was very well explained and easy to understand on the DVD. Would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to understand how a bit actually works and to show you what is actually going in your horse’s mouth. Loved it and is something I will get endless use and reference out of.