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Myler MB04 Pelham (Level 2)


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Myler MB04 mouthpiece Pelham with short 5cm shanks.
- Acts on tongue and corners of bars, gently wrapping lips, but port gives more tongue relief when bit not engaged by rider.
- Myler Level Two bit - ideal for intermediate horse, and also for many beginners.
- Encourages horse to bend, balance and relax at the poll. The 04 will take a horse further than MB02 or traditional snaffle due to greater tongue relief.
- The Pelham operates as both a direct action and leverage bit using a curb strap or chain. With a special low-ported barrel that offers some tongue relief, curved mouthpiece, and independent side movement, your horse will be encouraged to relax at the poll, and a head lowering effect is created.

Available in 5" size only.