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Myler MB02 Small Baucher (Level 1)

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Designed to communicate with the horse with basic training, learning the gaits, transitions and obedience.
- Features a curved mouthpiece for dispersed pressure and ease of swallowing.
- Uses tongue pressure and bar pressure- working mostly off the tongue.  Myler bits distribute tongues pressure more evenly than traditional designs.
-  Features the Myler "pinch and restrict with release"- the bit collapses on the sides of the bars and comes down into the tongue.  When the horse relaxes in the poll, the  pressure is released.  The horse then learns to come into the "comfort zone".
- The Baucher cheeks offer stability to the mouthpeice and can assist some horses into a more consistent outline.
- Only available in 5", with small baucher cheeks (50mm diameter main ring)


*Anita's comments:  The Baucher in reality applies little if any poll pressure, though the various marketing materials for the different brands do still promote this bit in terms of applying poll pressure. The main benefit of this bit comes from the stability of the mouthpiece (more so than an eggbutt) rather than the very mild- if there is any at all- poll pressure.  This is still a direct action bit, and hence why is it legal for competition as a snaffle, and a bit that does apply leverage such as the 'spanish snaffle' is not.

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  • 5
    Good bit!

    Posted by Rosemary Nicholson on Nov 19, 2015

    I found this bit particularly helpful and my pony is comfortable and enjoying no fuss with it! I would recommend it to others freely! Well made, looks super and does its job with respect to the pony's mouth!!

  • 5
    great bit

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 19, 2015

    Great bit that remains still in my green horses mouth. This bit has helped in assisting with the correction of my horses high head carriage. Excellent bit.

  • 5
    Love my Myler Baucher Bit

    Posted by Bonnie on Apr 07, 2014

    I recently purchased this bit for my very sensitive mare who was having trouble staying consistent in contact with a loose ring snaffle, this bit has given her more confidence and a more consistent frame. The bit seems to be much more steady in the mouth and the tiny amount off poll pressure helps the vertical flexion also.

  • 5
    Better control, but still soft.

    Posted by Ann Pampling on Apr 26, 2013

    Recently purchased bit, great service arrived quickly. Daughter has had a few issues with some other bits, her boy was pulling,so she was pulling back, she has soft hands. Now with new bit he is much happier with the bit. It's not jamming into the roof of his mouth, so he is happier and softer. In return she is even softer, really becoming a great team.

  • 4
    Training a young mare

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 26, 2012

    Great bit - very gentle. Used for a young mare who seems very happy with the gentle nature of this bit.

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