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Myler MB02 Black Western Dee (Level 1)

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Stunning Black Western Dee from Myler with the highly functional MB02 Level one mouthpiece. 

Designed to communicate with the horse with basic training, learning the gaits, transitions and obedience.
- Features a curved mouthpiece for dispersed pressure and ease of swallowing.
- Uses tongue pressure and bar pressure- working mostly off the tongue.  Myler bits distribute tongues pressure more evenly than traditional designs.
-  Features the Myler "brace and restrict with release"- the bit collapses on the sides of the bars and comes down into the tongue.  When the horse relaxes in the poll, the  pressure is released.  The horse then learns to come into the "comfort zone".
- The fixed cheeks of the Dee ring offer the bit more stability in the mouth, which can suit either a fussy mouthed horse, or a rider with unsteady hands.  The flat dee sides can also assit the rider with clear direct turning aids, while preventing the bit from sliding through the mouth.  A good alternative to a Full cheek, where the longer arms are not desired for safety reasons.

Only available in a 5"  This item can take up to 10 weeks from date of order to delivery as its custom made in the USA.