Verbindend "Helper" Double Bit Set

Neue Schule
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A little extra help for the rider with a horse that is very prone to be on the forehand and heavy in front.
- Combining the lightweight, fine mouth Slimma Weymouth 7cm shanks, with the popular Verbindend Bridoon in a 12mm mouthpiece.
-  This combination gives the rider the benefits of the lift through the shoulders and excellent flexion control of the verbindend with the additional help of the finer mouthpiece in the Sliima Weymouth that can help lighten the horse in front and back them off the hand a little.  Can be a suitable combination for the horse that tends to work too low and deep and assist the rider in developing further collection.
- The Slimma will bridge the tongue and sit very sympathetically under the palate and evenly across the tongue.
- Elegant 7cm shanks well suited to both dressage or the show ring. 
- Includes the curb chain, Diamond Paste bit cleaner and a lip strap in this set, in this all inclusive special price. 

For sizing: please select your current snaffle size.  You will be sent a bridoon in this size and the weymouth a 1/4" smaller, as this generally suits the majority of horses.  (of course, we do exchange for size for no additional charge should you need).