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Dee Ring Snaffles

Dee Ring snaffles offer the rider some stability to the mouthpiece,which may assist either for a horse that is not confident in taking the contact, or for a rider with unsteady hands. Dee Ring bits are also a good transition for a young horse currently working in a full cheek or for horses that need reinforcement of the turning aids. Those bits that are permitted for use in EA/ FEI competition are marked as such in the listing details.

  • Beris Ported Dee Ring

    Beris Ported Dee Ring

    The Tongue Port Snaffle gives the horses‘tongue enough room because of the flattenedarea on the port. Many horses reactto this with more relaxation and chewing.Therefore this bit is perfect for horses thatwon’t...

  • Myler MB02 English Dee snaffle

    Myler MB02 English Dee Comfort Snaffle 12820..

    Designed to communicate with the horse with basic training, learning the gaits, transitions and obedience.- Features a curved mouthpiece for dispersed pressure and ease of swallowing.- Uses tongue pressure and bar pressure-...

  • Myler MB04 English Dee with Hooks 5"

    Myler MB04 English Dee with Hooks 5"
    $179.95 $164.95

    Clearance! 3 only at this price - NO EXCHANGES, RETURNS OR REFUNDS ON CLEARANCE STOCK A Level 2 mouthpiece that will apply less tongue pressure than the Level 1, and introduce from tongue relief allowing more freedom for...

  • Myler MB04 Western Dee 5" (128186)

    Myler MB04 Western Dee 5" (128186)

    Western Dee without Hooks MB04 Mouthpiece (Low Port Comfort Snaffle with Independent Side Movement) Stainless Steel with Sweet Iron Mouth Level 2 Only available in 5"...

  • Neue Schule Turtle Top Hunter Dee

    Neue Schule Turtle Top Hunter Dee

    Available late March 2017! FlexZ Hunter D This innovation is brilliant in helping to achieve a comfortable and quiet mouth. Turtle Top™ with Flex keeps the mouthpiece centred and arched over the tongue at all times,...

  • Neue Schule Verbindend Hunter Dee

    Neue Schule Verbindend Hunter Dee

    Available end of March 2017! The Verbindend greatly clarifies and emphasises the signals through the rein.  Promoting self carriage and throughness, a true outline and freedom through the shoulder can be developed with...

  • Stubben Anatomical Dee Ring

    Stubben Anatomical Dee Ring

    Benefits of SWEET Copper Link: • Better acceptance • Pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece • Encourages chewing and salivation • Solid copper composition (90% Copper, 7% Iron Aluminum, no Nickel) with...

  • Sweet Iron Dee Ring 5"

    Sweet Iron Dee Ring 5"

    Sweet Iron single jointed dee bit with stainless steel dees. The sweet iron is designed to rust over time, which creates a sweeter taste and encourages acceptance of the bit, together with salivation for dry mouthed horses. ...

  • Ti by Beris Lingua Dee Ring

    Ti by Beris Lingua Dee Ring

      Ti by Beris - a revolution in bitting technology! The Ti Lingua Mouthpiece gives the horses tongue maximum relief because of the included port. It is curved to be softer on the bars and very slow in applying any...

  • TRUST Flexi-Soft Dee Ring

    TRUST Flexi-Soft Dee Ring

    Welcome TRUST Flexi-Soft Range to Bit Bank Australia! FINALLY! An Dee Ring snaffle with the very popular soft white rubber mouthpiece! Excellent quality bits with a flexible white rubber mouthpiece which can be used for...

  • Winning Tongue Plate WTP Lightweight Dee Ring

    Winning Tongue Plate WTP Lightweight Dee Ring

    The revolutionary WTP bits now available through Bit Bank Australia! A well constructed lightweight Dee Ring with award winning WTP mouthpiece creates stability and comfort for the horse. Dee Ring is particularly good for...

  • Neue Schule 8022D D-ring snaffle

    Neue Schule Tranz Angled Lozenge D- Ring

    Reinforces Straightness and Turning. - The NS D-ring is excellent for directional control and exceptionally good for tight turns during faster work as the mouthpiece will not slide across the mouth. - It is also safer for...

  • Minos Vision Balancer Dee

    Minos Vision Balancer Dee

    NEW- The Minos Vision Balancer Dee Ring Snaffle. If you ever wanted the Team Up snaffle in a fixed ring, this is for you! - A new range of ergonomically designed bits, a 90% copper mouthpiece to help promote salivation...


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