TRUST Flexi-Soft Dee Ring


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Welcome TRUST Flexi-Soft Range to Bit Bank Australia!

FINALLY! An Dee Ring snaffle with the very popular soft white rubber mouthpiece!

Excellent quality bits with a flexible white rubber mouthpiece which can be used for all horses but are especially suitable for young horses and horses with sensitive mouths. The material is non-toxic and contains no plasticisers. The bits are extremely well made and very sturdy due to the use of a flexible core made of stainless steel.

65mm rings and 18mm mouthpiece. Available in 12.5cm, 13.5cm and 14.5cm

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Great for fussy mouths
Written by Pamela L on Oct 26, 2020

This bit, combined with a cavesson noseband, is proving to be great for my young horse who hates metal and constantly chews and plays with any bits with joints. He is starting to take a much steadier contact with this bit and the D rings help with steering.