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Sprenger Novocontact Loose Ring Single Join

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BRAND NEW from the Sprenger stable and in stock now at Bit Bank Australia! Please Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of this item

Do you have a horse that is strong but sensitive?

Sprenger’s latest invention is a unique oval shape design which widens the contact area of the mouthpiece on the horse’s tongue, without putting pressure on the palate.

When the rider keeps a steady contact, the flat part of the mouthpiece lies sensitively on the horse’s tongue. As the rider gives a rein aid the mouthpiece turns forward meaning the contact surface gets narrower, ensuring a more precise and effective communication. When giving the reins, the mouthpiece turns back to its soft and smooth position with the flat part lying delicately on the tongue.

Tests have shown that the single jointed novocontact bits are highly recommended for horses that do not take the contact confidently. They also provide added benefit for horses with a sensitive mouth, since the rider is able to give precise but soft aids.

Available in 12.5cm, 13.5cm and 14.5cm


Notes from Bit Bank Australia:

SENSOGAN®  is available to purchase now- the Sprenger Novocontact range from Bit Bank will be supplied in Sensogan.
NB: Sensogan bits are completly compatable with Aurigan if used together in a double- this has no adverse effects for the horse, nor will it contravene any competiton rules.