Sprenger Duo Loose Ring 40801


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Great bit for youngsters- a nice, soft kind bit.
- Reinforced with a steel cable for safety and stability.
- Guaranteed against breakage for 3 years.
- Slight bend and give to the mouthpiece which can be used with the curve on the tongue to give more room, or reversed with the straight side on the tongue.
- The Sprenger Duo snaffle is very gentle on the horse's mouth and the flexibilty allows it to conform to the horse's mouth conformation.  The material used is a food safe, solvent free and free of plasticisers so is perfectly safe for use.
- This bit can suit the horse that is a little hesistant or unsteady into the hand, or overly fussy with their tongue or mouth in general.  It can also help the rider that is unsteady with their hands to help smooth out small bumps and shakes.
- 16mm mouthpiece with 70mm stainless rings, available from 11.5cm to 14.5cm.  (the 11.5cm size comes with smaller 55mm rings to suit a pony head)

Due to being easily discoloured by use, this bit is not available on a 30 day trial.


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Sprenger duo
Written by Danielle Butler on Sep 18, 2018

This second one of these bits I have purchased . Horse very settled and takes a more consistent contact ! Awesome

Written by deb johnston on Nov 20, 2017

instantly quiet in mouth and accepting of contact :)

Best bit I have ever used
Written by undefined on Mar 21, 2017

Super bit for encouraging contact, for those sensitive mouths. Also so lightweight compared to a metal bit which allows the horse to be soft and happy. If only it was allowed for dressage this would be the perfect bit. Also not too bulky in the mouth like some of the other plastic/rubber bits.

Super for encouraging contact
Written by undefined on Dec 19, 2016

Great bit, solved our issue of not wanting to take contact.

Great for sensitive mouths
Written by undefined on Jul 11, 2013

Previously I have ridden my horse with a loose ring french snaffle and used paw paw cream to stop the cuts he got on the inside corners of his mouth. With this bit he is extremely responsive but I don'th have to worry about it damaging his mouth. He is happier alround.