Sprenger KK Universal 40510...88

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Need a little extra help for jumping or speed events?
-The 18mm KK Universal is a popular bit for showjumping. Ideal if your horse prefers a single join mouthpiece.
- Very popular with jumping riders, to help achive a little more control when needed, and help effect swift downwards transitions and changes of direction.
- Made with the Sprenger KK single join Mouthpiece featuring Aurigan for acceptance and comfort, and a slight curve to the arms which is designed to help eliminate the "nutcracker" action of standard single join mouthpieces.
- The Sprenger Universal is a heavier bit in weight than the Neue Schule Universal.
- 18mm mouthpiece, from 12.5cm to 14.5cm.

- Available on order from Germany only as not generally carried in stock by the Aistralian Distributors; expect 3-6 week wait on supply