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Sprenger HO Weymouth 42273

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This unique weymouth feaures a slanting mouthpiece and smooth, rounded port that is slightly angled forward.  This ensures a fine distribution of weight on the tongue.
-This bit takes advantage of the fine sensitivity of tongue, ensuring precise rein aids.
- Suitable for the horse that dislikes excessive tongue pressure, and brilliant for introducing the double bridle for the first time.
- The forward slant of the mouthpiece encourages the harmony between the rider's hands and the horse's mouth providing a relaced and secure contact in the weymouth.
- This bit features an Aurigan Mouthpiece with stainless steel shanks.  The Aurigan is Sprenger's special copper alloy that promotes chewing and relaxation into the contact, and good salivation.  this in turn promotes better concentration of the horse on the rider's aids rather than focusing inwardly on the bit.
- Available with a 7cm shank, with 14mm thickness mouthpiece.