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PeeWee Bit

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An Australian Favourite!
- Fine, mullen shaped sweet iron mouthpiece to sit sympathetically in the mouth without palate interferrance or excess bulk.

-Sits largely on the tongue and just rests above the bars encouraging the horse flex at the poll to come down onto the bit.
-Side bars act on the lower jaw to assist with turning aids.  As they are only on the lower jaw, the horse cannot lean into them.
- Due to the still and unobtrusive deisgn of this bit, many riders have found it helps with head tossing, strong horses, fiddly mouths, or horses that habitually get their tongue over the bit.

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  • 5
    Easy to communicate with my horse

    Posted by Sarah on Nov 27, 2011

    I opted for a pee-wee mainly because my horse was already ok with a bit and therefore I didn't see the need for the nutcracker effect or pulling the sides of his mouth up, two actions often associated with the use of a standard snaffle. However, I enjoyed other benefits when I made the change: he didn't fiddle with it AT ALL; with suitable training time teaching him the feel of this bit, I now have to do very littlle to collect him into softness; I also felt it assisted with communicating direction as there is minimal pull-through of the mouth. I should mention for those that have them, my horse is a standardbred and I have heard others indicate they are well accepted by ex-pacers. I only wish they made them smaller as it the one kind of bit my pony accepts really well because it sits so still in his mouth until you need to use your hands.

  • 4
    Stop them putting their tongue over the bit

    Posted by Freyr Colvin on Nov 02, 2011

    This is a great bit for horses that stick their tongue over the bit, because as they suck their tongue back, the bit rolls with it and they can't get their tongue back far enough to pop it over. The wings also assist with steering. It is really good for trail riding and on young horses. The sweet iron encourages salivation.

  • 5
    Kalgoorlie or Bust ride

    Posted by Bessie Traylen on Nov 01, 2011

    I rode my quarter horse Mac to Kalgoorlie with my friends to fundraise for WA Cancer Council. Mac was ridden in a western curb bit before I got him and I wanted to ride him in a bitless bridle but found that it rubbed him, long distance. I rode Mac in the Pee Wee bit for most of the ride as it sat well in his fleshy mouth and did not rub or cause any discomfort along the ride. He was really happy and so was I. We have raised $20,000 so far for WA Cancer Council and had a wonderful ride. Thanks Bit Bank Australia. Bessie Traylen (aged 14 years)

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