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  • Myler MB33WL Loose Ring (Level 3)


    Myler MB33WL Loose Ring (Level 3)


    A Myler Level 3 mouthpiece has maximum tongue relief allowing more freedom for the horse. The MB33WL is also suitable for the horse with a low palate.- The MB33WL mouthpiece will wrap the outer lip and the large wide low port gives the horse more freedom...

  • Myler MB33WL Eggbutt (Level 3)


    Myler MB33WL Eggbutt (Level 3)


    The 33WL offers the highest degree of tongue relief in a dressage legal mouthpiece. The 33WL port has been widened considerably to permit plenty of room for the tongue. Because this mouthpiece does not rotate on to the tongue and the port is wide, it...