Myler MB33WL Loose Ring (Level 3)


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A Myler Level 3 mouthpiece has maximum tongue relief allowing more freedom for the horse. The MB33WL is also suitable for the horse with a low palate.
- The MB33WL mouthpiece will wrap the outer lip and the large wide low port gives the horse more freedom for the tongue when he is moving forward, relaxed.
- Suitable for a wide range of horses, from green to more experienced, and good bit for dressage work.

  • Loose Ring
  • MB33WL Mouthpiece (Low, Wide Ported Barrel with Independent Side Movement)
  • Stainless Steel with Copper Inlay Mouth
  • Level 3
  • Dressage legal

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 4 ratings)
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No more head tossing!
Written by Ros on Dec 27, 2020

The change since using the Myler level 3 bit has been extraordinary! My horse used to toss his head around and evade the bit (I always rode in a simple eggbutt snaffle) a friend recommended I try the Myler and he now accepts the contact willingly! He is like a totally different horse! Thank you!!

Level 3 myler bit
Written by Rosalyn Oxtoby on Dec 27, 2020

Absolute game changer for me and my horse. No more head tossing. Clear acceptance of the bit and works lovely in a frame since using this bit. I am blown away by the change in my horse and so glad I purchased it. I use it along with bit butter as he sometimes bites his lips. Works a treat!! A+++

Love this bit
Written by Ilona Kerridge on Mar 11, 2020

I have tried lots of bits on my horse. He has an over active mouth and sensitive. He has become very soft . So happy I tried one more bit.

Love this bit
Written by Lisa Bell on Jul 28, 2018

My horse with a super fussy tongue is happiest in this bit. Perfect balance of stillness, tongue relief and effective communication with the loose ring.