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Helite Zip in 2 Air Bag Only

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NEW! Zip'In 2 Airbag by Helite

This 2 in 1 airbag vest will appeal to riders who want to combine convenience, style and optimal protection.

The airbag liner Zip'In 2 can be worn alone or under an approved outer shell (recommended version).

It only takes a few seconds to combine the airbag with the outer via a zip. Caution: You have to choose the same size for your Zip’In airbag and your compatible outer shell.

The unique shape of our Helite airbag offers a full protection, absorbs impacts and stabilizes the whole upper body from head to tailbone. For an optimal pressure, the volume of gas varies between 14 and 27 liters (the biggest on the market) depending on the size of your airbag.

Due to the central zip, the airbag can be worn alone or under an approved outer (Helite, Dada Sport, Oscar & Gabrielle, Freejump ...).

The inflation is very fast (100 ms) and the airbag offers the rider a complete protection of the vital parts: neck, back, pelvis, sacrum, thorax. 


CO2 Cartridge

The size of the CO2 canister is proportional to the size of the airbag. The canister is the only component

that needs to be replaced after inflation of your air vest.

An additional protective PVC Plate and foam is placed

behind the canister so that it cannot injure the rider.


Fitting Instructions

The Airjacket should fit exactly the same as any other Helite Airbag as the product is designed to expand outwards on activation. You may consider upsizing this product by one size as we find the French sizing to come up a little smaller than we are used to here in Australia.


Every Zip'In 2 comes with a canister and lanyard attached – extra lanyards, canisters or interchangeable jacket outers can be bought separately.