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Helite Air Nest - Air Jacket

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Get serious about your safety! Trust the world leaders in airvest technology and manufacturing to keep you safe and in one piece!

This item is a pre-order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

The HELITE Air Jacket has already saved many bones and minimized serious injuries across the world. The effectiveness of our airbag protection and the reliability our system has been thoroughly tested and raved about. 14 Nations of the Eventing category were equipped with this system at the London 2012Olympics. Testimonies come back from every level of riding and every type of riding, from hunting to happy hackers.


Our airbag is 100% made in France, insertion of airbag in the textile is done in France and every single airbag is quality controlled before it is sent.


Because it inflates very quickly, it protects in less than 100 milliseconds after activation. You might remember our airbag minimizing injuries of many top riders such as:
- Rotational fall of Faith Cook at Bramham in 2009
- Rotational fall of Oliver Townend at Rolex in 2010
- Rotational fall of Karim Laghouag at the European Championship in 2010
- Rotational fall of Mary King at the European Championship in 2011
- Rotational fall of Coral Keen at Boekelo 2012
- Rotational fall of Laura Collett at Tweseldown horse trials 2013


to ensure that your airbag triggers every time you need it, the system has a safe key-ball system that releases whatever direction you fall.


The large surface of protection and the specific shape of our airbag will effectively cover the full length of the back from head to coccyx as well as the hips and the chest. This greatly reduces the risk of whiplash injuries and helps to prevent impact injuries, broken ribs causing internal bleeding, over flexion of the spine… 
ATTENTION, before you purchase an airbag, check out the size of the cartridge. The size of your cartridge is proportional to the volume of protection you will get.


Does the airbag inflate inwards or outwards?
In the adult airbag, the airbag inflates inwards in order to protect more efficiently. Indeed the airbag will not only buffer the impact it will strengthen your body to hit the ground like a piece of wood rather than a rubber-band. Of course you will be tighter but that’s the whole point of protecting you efficiently. In case the airbag is uncomfortable after the fall you can quickly unclip and be free from breathing and from bruises! 
The Children's Airbag was Specifically studied for children, the air system inflates away from the rider’s body.