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My Top 5 Bits for a Fussy Mouth

My Top 5 Bits for a Fussy Mouth

Posted by Charmae Bell on Jun 14, 2020

Is your horse totally distracted and fussy in the mouth?

Does your horse constantly play with the bit?

An over active, busy mouth that is constantly chomping away can be a distraction and training hindrance for you and your horse. Getting the horse more relaxed in the mouth and focused on you will help you progress faster and also result in a happier comfy horse.

Here are my top 5 for fussy mouths! 

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1. Neue Schule Turtle Top Eggbutt

MADE for fussy mouths! The Turtle Top Eggbutt sits very still and stable in the mouth. This mouthpiece has a clever locking action meaning when the horse pushes it up with the tongue the bit mouthpiece locks and stops moving - making it not as fun or stimulating to play with. This bit also uses no downward tongue pressure, so it allows complete freedom of the tongue to encourage a relaxed mouth and jaw.

2. Neue Schule Turtle Tactio Baucher

One of the kindest bits available! The baucher is the most stable of all the cheek pieces. This stability often calms an overactive mouth, combined with the ultra sensitive Tactio mouthpiece its a match made in heaven! The Tactio is flat through the middle taking up as little space possible between the tongue and palate, with no downward tongue pressure.

3. Trust Flexi-Soft Eggbutt

A super soft, flexible mouthpiece with NO movement thanks to the eggbutt sides. This bit is great fo those really soft horses who don't like any contact or are sensitive or reactive to metal.

4. Bombers Lock-Up Baucher

Stability and comfort, with tongue relief. The lock up mouthpiece has a very clever design! This one locks in 2 directions, meaning is one of the ONLY single jointed bits with NO nutcracker action AND it provides very mild tongue relief. The baucher keeps this bit very still and sitting in a neutral position in the mouth.

5. WTP 'Winning Tongue Plate' Lightweight Eggbutt

A great bit for a busy mouth that wont break the bank! The WTP doesnt hinge up or down and has limited movement forwards and backwards, so its all the benefits of a mullen mouth without losing any of your flexibility or ability to unlock resistance.

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