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Bitting Accessories as well as books and e-books with further information on bits and bitting.

  • Abbey Polymer Bit Guards (pair)

    Abbey Polymer Bit Guards (pair)

    Place on the bit between the horse's cheek and the cheekpiece of the bit. The bit guards prevent chafing or pinching at the side of the horse's mouth, particularly when a loose ring bit is used. Also good ot help stop the...

  • Acavallo Gel Bit Guards

    Acavallo Gel Bit Guards

    As used by Charlotte Dujardin! The Acavallo gel bit guard is an asset to any bridle. A quick and effective way to protect the mouth from pinching and gain more bit control. Contoured gel protectors mould comfortably around...

  • Acavallo Gel Curb Chain Guard

    Acavallo Gel Curb Chain Guard

    As used by Charlotte Dujardin! An excellent accessory for horses that require protection from the curb chain. A quick and effective preventative measure for protection from the curb chain. Pressure is spread evenly by the...

  • Circle Curb Hooks

    Circle Curb Hooks

    Stainless steel alternative to traditional curb hooks, these will sit flatter against the face and in some cases reduce pressure and rubbing. Easily fitted to any bit needing curb hooks, just remove the old hooks with...

  • Elastic Curb Chain

    Elastic Curb Chain

    Popular in the UK! Only available in Havana.

  • Equissentials Pony Bit Guards

    Equissentials Pony Bit Guards

    Made in genuine rubber with no fillers to outlast cheaper varieties, in a reduced size perfect for ponies! Colours chosen at random.

  • Fulmer Loops

    Fulmer Loops

    - Hard to find, leather Fulmer loops.- used for steadying the bit in the mouth, and as a safety measure the keep full cheek extensions away from the horse's nostrils...

  • Horse Armour Bit Wipes

    Horse Armour Bit Wipes

    Peppermint bit wipes 100% Natural. Leaves bits shiny and tasting great, use before a ride to increase bit acceptance. The durable canister keeps the 7"x8" wipes moist, and is conveniently sized to fit in any tack box. 40...

  • Leather Curb strap

    Leather Curb Chain

    - A kinder option to the traditional double link curb chain.  Perfect for those horses very sensitive to the curb.- Hand stitched, english leather.- Available in Brown or Black.- Made in...

  • Leather Curb strap for Universals

    Leather Curb strap- for Universals

    - Simple leather curb strap available in dark brown or black to be used with the Neue Schule Universal or Jumper bits.- Available in Horse or Pony sizes...

  • leather gag cheeks

    Leather Gag Cheeks

    - Rolled leather gag cheeks, the leather means the bit will slide slower along the cheeks for a more subtle action.- You will need to unscrew the screw at the loop end, thread the leather through and rescrew to attach your...

  • flat leather lip strap

    Leather Lip Strap

    - English leather lip strap.- Completes a double bridle and helps to keep the curb chain in the correct position and prevent the bit from ever inverting in the mouth during an accident.- Also used with Pelham bits and a...

  • Mattes Bridle/Noseband Covers

    Mattes Bridle/Noseband Covers

    Super soft and kind lambskin noseband and bridle cover for your horses sensitive face Can be used on the bridle cheekpieces or on the noseband or even your horses halter! 28cm long available in black or natural colour...

  • Mattes Lambskin Curb Chain Cover

    Supreme comfort for the curb groove with EA Mattes best selling Lambskin Curb Chain cover! Soft Edge technology - no hard stitched edges come into contact with the horses sensitive skin Natural Lambskin...

  • Mattes Lambskin Poll Relief Pad

    Mattes Lambskin Poll Relief Pad

    Give your horse supreme comfort with the EA Mattes Lambskin Poll Relief Pad This soft luxurious Bridle Pad has adjustable velcro fasteners and SOFT-EDGE technology. The Lambskin is turned back over the edges so no hard...

  • Neoprene Bit Guards

    Neoprene Bit Guards

    The worlds easiest to use bit guard! Excellent for sensitive horses who suffer rubs in rubber guards. Neoprene bit guards for sensitive horses prone to rubbing or reactions to traditional rubber. The neoprene is very soft...

  • Neue Schule Bit Measuring Tool

    Neue Schule Bit Measuring Tool

    Get your FREE Neue Schule Mouth Measuring tool, easy to make and non-invasive way to measure your horse for the perfect bit size!

  • Rope gag cheeks

    Neue Schule Rope Gag Cheeks

    Excellent quality Neue Schule Gag Cheeks, triple stitched for increased safety and durability. - Easily attachable nylon rope gag cheeks for use on any running gag bit.- Nylon cord means the bit slides very quickly for...

  • Original Bit Butter

    Original Bit Butter

    This special formulation from the States provides soothing care to the mouth.  It replenishes moisture and restores feeling in dry, callused, unresponsive areas of the horse's mouth.  Enriched with a "mouth...

  • pelham roundings

    Pelham Roundings ("equalizers")

    - Rolled leather roundings with neat Hookstuds for Pelham bits.- For use with pelhams or dutch gags when one rein is prefered, or to soften the action of the bit.(also called...


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