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What Bits are Made From

What Bits are Made From

Feb 27, 2023

Bits are made from a wide range of materials which is great to have so many options but it can make it hard when choosing the perfect horse bit for your equine partner! 

Here are the different materials you can choose from: 

Unbreakable Stainless steel - a robust and rust-resistant material that provides the ultimate strength and durability. 

Soft and smooth brass - a warm and gentle material that is ideal for providing greater control and sensitivity to your horse's signals. Not so common these days as Copper Alloy has taken its place as a modern alternative. 

Copper Alloy comfort - a metal known for its warming properties, which will enhance your horse's response to your cues. Each manufacturer has specifically developed their own blend of metals deemed to be beneficial for bit acceptance. 

Light and strong Titanium - a lightweight material that provides the perfect balance between strength and comfort, making it ideal for horses who need a bit that is light weight and gentle on their mouth. 

Irresistible Sweet iron - a type of iron that rusts and has a sweet taste, making it irresistible to horses and the perfect choice for riders looking to encourage their horses to accept the bit more easily and promote salivation. 

Plastic perfection - bits made from synthetic materials like plastic or rubber are lightweight and easy to clean, making them a great choice for riders who want to provide a gentle and comfortable experience for their horses. Look for bits made of FDA approved food grade plastics - these are often white in colour. 

Remember, every horse is unique and choosing the right bit material is crucial for ensuring a positive and comfortable experience for your equine partner. Consult with an experienced horse bit fitter to determine the best option for your horse.