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We receive some fabulous feedback from clients and especially love hearing about the positive changes in their horses. Don't just take our word for it, read how we have helped hundreds of horses and riders just like YOU!


"I have a tricky TB who likes to curl under, run through your hands, throw his head around and be generally uneven in the contact. Two years ago I approached the Bit Bank for help, and came home with a Nathe Straight Bar. Upon further consultation with massage therapists and movement specialists, it was considered 'too big' for his pallet, so I used a Myler for a while. After a chronic eye injury, I have found that Sid is much more sensitive, and since putting him back into the Nathe as first suggested, he is happier in himself, doesn't hassle my hand, is soft, has his nose out most of the time, and best of all I can go from the dressage ring to the XC course without hassle! The Bit Bank really made my life much easier with bitting arrangements!" Siobhan N

"I was on the hunt for a bit for my horse that I couldn't get my hands on in NZ at the time in the right size (Stuben EZ Control). Bitbank was able to help and it was a seamless process to get it sent over here. Anytime I have contacted Bitbank for information or advice they have been extremely helpful with information on the bit and answered my questions quickly and were very informative. Even from NZ... Bitbank is my "go to" place for any bitting advice!" Hayley T

"I bought my boy the Myler MB02 English Dee Comfort Snaffle a couple of years ago, after trying numerous bits throughout the years. This bit suits him to a tee. I have never looked back. He salivates every time I use it and seems to be a really happy dude in it. No more leaning on my hands." Nicky W

"I was introduced to the Neue Schule Verbindend loose ring snaffle bit by Dressage instructor Hana Thompson (Matthews) for my Warmblood. My horse was heavy on the bit & would try to snatch the bit away. Even with the first ride with Hana's bit, his mouth was so quiet & responsive. So I had to buy my own bit and new the best place to go would be Bit Bank Australia. They always have a huge range of bits and excellent customer service, so I was able to ride with my new Neue Schule bit in no time. My horse and I have made great progress ever since." Karina G

"Oh my gosh what story to tell. 4 horses and perfect advice given each time - introducing us the NS Universal bit.
I guess the most outstanding story one is of my daughter who is a kind reserved rider fell in love with a little pinto mare that had a reputation that proceeded her for being a strong yet sensitive hot head to say the least - with a your advice on bits from using a NS BAUCHER BIT and now a NS VERBINDEND for flat work/dressage and trail riding and a NS Elevator for XC and SJ and a lot of hard work inbetween they are now a team and competing successfully to say the very least and looking forward to the upcoming eventing season.
I remember numerous emails back and forth between us to discuss the horse and what she liked and didn't like and there was no pressure to buy just beautiful caring advice." Sandy G

"I bought a Micklem bridle a few years ago from Bit Bank Australia and absolutely love it! My sensitive mare goes around very nicely in it and it applies just a bit of pressure on her nose which I love. I also bought a peewee bit after struggling with my Campdraft mare in a snaffle. She would open her mouth & had a tendency to pull down on me. She goes 100 times better in the pee wee, no open mouth, no pulling and only needs the slightest touch. I've also used it on my strong sporting mare with great results and a friend has also used it and is looking into buying herself one. Both were competitively priced, which is why I chose to shop here, and both are extremely good quality!" Bree D

"I bought my first Micklem Bridle about 4 years ago for a young horse that had a sensitive head and now all of our horses wear Micklem Bridles. They have been great on the younger and older seasoned horses at home & competition. I have also bought many bits through the bit bank, from the Verbindend Snaffles to the Springer Special Dressage bit. I have always been satisfied with the quality and service that is given by the Bit Bank, especially if the bit is not suitable I can exchange for another which saves a lot of expense. (don't know any other company that offers this service)
I also recommend the bit bank to people who ask me for advice on bits.
I also like receiving information on new bits to the market regarding their uses and if they are dressage/competition legal." Monique S

"My mare, Mac, has been a problem from the day she was born. I bred her and sometimes I wonder why the heck I did. She's no easy horse, never has been, but I discovered some years ago some of the reasons why.
She had obviously had a bad accident before being broken in; I have an idea of what happened all those years ago, but in the interest of not offending anyone I won't go into anymore detail about that. While she looks fantastic now and her posture and handling on the ground has improved out of sight, she still seems to carry resentment when asked to work in a frame, no matter who we train with, or the amount of attention we pay to saddle fit or who is manipulating her from visit to visit. A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to try the Micklham bridle. Immediately, there was improvement in her work, so I bought one and we have seen enormous improvement. I put it together with the Sprenger RS Dynamic but realised pretty quickly I had bought a size too big and the bit was pulling throug her mouth.
Her attitude to her work improved but at the beginning of coming into more of a connection that tounge would come waving out the side of her mouth and we would have ten minutes of uglyness which could be worked through but never fully resolved....until we tried the Neule Schule Veribrand bit last week. OH MY GOODNESS. Yep, 15 minutes into the work out popped the tounge but within seconds it was back in her mouth again, and never came out again.....I mean ever....not since that ride. We can't believe it. It's only been a couple of weeks, but the improvement is amazing. My daughter who now rides this big battle ship of a mare has dislocated her shoulder in the past and the first 20 minutes of their ride was quite painful until the mare gave. How lovely for my daughter to now have a much lighter, happier and more connected horse to ride. Over the moon and let's hope the improvement sticks. Thanks for the opportunity to tell our story." Amanda P

"I have a fjord mare with a very fleshy tongue and lips combined with a low palate. We were ready to start introducing a double bridle (she's also a broodmare so training goes in waves), but everything I looked at was so bulky and everything was stainless steel. This mare became so much more responsive when I moved her into a sweet iron and copper double jointed snaffle, so I really wanted to keep things sweet for her when we moved up. Thanks to the advice from BitBank I bought a bit and bradoon set that my mare very happily accepted, has great salivation with and that was wider than what I has thought she would be as well. My mare is happily pregnant so we haven't had much chance to work with it, but the softness she displayed (compared to a stainless I'd been borrowing while I got my act together) was incredible. As all my horses have similar mouth characteristics and I have several coming up behind her I know this set will get lots of use and that I'll one day come back for at least one more. If I ever have mouth issues on my horses I'll be right on to BitBank for help as they spotted things in my photos that helped getting my mare the best possible fit." Karen G

"I purchased a Waterford bit off you guys as I had trouble finding this bit and it was a great as I had a horse that was very heavy leaning on the bit and I felt schooling him in this a couple times a week made as massive different and have actually recommend other to get this bit from your site.
Thanks guys" Debra T

"My horse has always been a little naughty and difficult in the mouth. I had tried pelhams before but they already seemed to rub his cheeks. Thankfully you stock larger than average sizes and he is so happy in his new extra large bit! No trying to buck me off and jumping better than ever! Thanks bit bank :)" Annabel H

"From growing up in a way of just any bit will do, I was reluctant to spend money on a specific bit let alone ask for advice on a certain problem I had been having on my thoroughbred ott well I stepped out of my box and asked and I spent money on a bit and I'm completely shocked that my boy is happy and relaxed I actually feel like he's wanting to go forward and not drag me around(he's 16.2hh I'm 5ft4) I will now never worry to ask Bit Bank for any advice as its cost nothing to ask and saves a fortune in the long run In ignoring problems."Nicky S

"Five year ago we were at our wits end with our newly purchased TB and his head throwing. It was thanks to Bit Bank who talked us through the issues and what could be causing it. The advice resulted in the purchase of a Myler Level 1 comfort snaffle which was a massive turnaround for both horse and rider. We are now using this bit on our new OTT who loves it. Thank you Bit Bank for your patience and great advice in breaking down the problem and explaining the intricacies of how bits operate and why they are designed in certain ways. I can't recommend you highly enough." Elizabeth G

"With each horse we have owned charmae has been our touch stone when it comes to sorting out how to get the best bit for our horses. Whether it has been a tricky chestnut who was very sensitive and had a tendency to put her tongue over the bit xc (charmae's recommendation of a micklem and a NS verbindend got immediate results), the WB who leaned (NS demi Anky) or a brand new OTT who tends to 'smile' and lean (myler eggbutt) or the green WB who is still learning contact (trust loose ring mullen mouth). Charmae has always been happy to offer advice at the drop of a hat, and really is the guru when it comes to bitting.. (and her wall of bits is something to behold)" Alex P

"When I bought my last horse, trying to find the right bridle and bit was a bit of a challenge. I tried many different bits but none suited. I went to a Steve Brady Clinic and Steve suggested that I try a Micklem Bridle, wow, wow, wow, what a difference it made to this horse. I coupled it with a level one Myler bit and this combination worked wonderfully on Beau. I even used the bridle bitless, which I found quite challenging, but Beau really enjoyed, especially out in the forest. Bit Bank helped me with every decision I made for Beau and I thank them very much. Beau is now going to a new home and his new owner will keep his Micklem bridle, as it works so well for him" Pauline L

"After Reading your description of the Wilkie bit on your website I just had to try for myself. I was in a predicament with a horse that needed some extra stopping power without being harsh as he is rather sensitive.
Thank you for offering a website that's easy to use and helpful. It puts my mind at ease knowing i can do my research on bits, compare and then buy on the one website." Maddiee G

"I brought an Nathe Standard Snaffle Bit 1786
because my standardbred, i was training to race, was too soft in the mouth and wouldnt go forward in the cart, and becasue of this bit he raced and went on to win over 30,000 and 7 wins.
I've since purchased several more bits and used them successfully for seven more winners and i gave one to friend whos trotter was breaking at the start, he went on to place and win at his next 2 starts.
i cannot prasie these bits enough for sensitive mouthed horses, they make them happy to be driven and go forward and i use them all the time" Tracey H

"I recently bought a universal bit for a horse that I finding difficult to control in showjumping. I was recommended to try a Dutch gag however I felt it was too strong and would make steering more difficult, hence why I eventually when with the universal. I immediately saw results while jumping and had the best control since owning my horse for five years.
I later coupled this with a shadow roll as it he has a high head carriage, since wearing this I have seen a remarkable difference in his consistency with a regular stride and jump as well as being more relaxed.
I finally believe I found the right combination for this horse after owning him for five years by achieved desired results and believe this will allow us to improve and climb up the levels.
These results would not be possible without Bit Bank large range and knowledge of bits, so thank you bit bank." Phoebe M

"My OTTB was always opening his mouth with the traditional snaffle. Your Myler bit was the answer and made him a happy horse to ride." Lisa K

"Thank you so much to the team at Bit Bank Australia. Helped me so much with purchasing a Micklem and suggesting different bits to allow me to work with my horses not against them. My boy goes so well in the bridle and bit chosen by Bit Bank. Can't wait to hear your advise about my new horse. Thank you :)" Mel C

"We were new to horses and had no idea where to begin with bitting. We wanted something soft for our horses having to deal with beginner hands, and we had a mare that was super sensitive in the contact. I sent off a pm via the Facebook page, and received a lengthy and detailed response about what bits were recommended. I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciated someone taking the time to explain to me the whys behind the bit recommended without any prejudice towards a brand or style. We ended up purchasing the neue schule for my mare and the nathe for my daughters. Both horses performed beautifully and are very happy in both bits, couldn't have a better outcome, thank you so much