Neue Schule Pony Eggbutt 8093E

Neue Schule

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Need to promote a true and consistent contact? Have problems with lips rubbing?
-This bit gives stability within the mouth, boosting the horse's confidence to seek the bit.  The stability of the fixed ring is also of benefit with riders who may have unsteady hands, as it will smooth out some of the bumps for the pony.
- Very beneficial for short, tense necks and excellent for directional control.
- Features the lovely NS pony Tranz Angled Lozenge mouthpiece with oval shaped arms with a good weight bearing surface but less height, to fit neatly in the pony's mouth.
- No loss in feel unlike other fixed cheeks (ie. the horse will not fix against the hand)
- 8093E with a 10mm Tranz Angled Lozenge mouthpiece, and only in 4.5".  Smaller 45mm rings.
- Dressage legal as a snaffle.

Need to promote a true consistent contact or have problems with lips rubbing?

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Fantastic bit!
Written by Grace Esterbauer on Jul 30, 2019

The bit is fantastic! My dressage pony is loving it! I would 100% recommended it to anybody!