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Liberte Pony Connect Loose Ring Snaffle

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Welcome to the Bit Bank Stable the all new Liberte range of bits - Designed in Australia for Australian Horses and Riders.

Liberte Pony - High quality genuine specifically designed pony bits for little mouths.

The Connect mouthpiece is perfect for horses needing a soft, even mouth pressure with a slight focus on the tongue to encourage a forward reaching, seeking contact. A great all round training snaffle suitable for most horses and rider levels. The lozenge is angles slightly forward to stimulate the horse to seek out the rein from the riders hand, great for those who are inclined to sit behind the bit or avoid the contact in traditional snaffles. 


Mouthpiece Material - Copper Alloy

Mouthpiece Diameter - 12mm

Main Ring Diameter - 45mm

Available in 4.5"