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Fager Bit Wrap Tape

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Essential for Every Equestrian's Tack Room!
Fager's Self-Adhesive Cushion Wrap transforms your metal bit into softer surface. Ideal for sensitive horses who need to accept the bit with ease.

  • Simple Application Just wrap the bit and cut to your desired length – it’s that easy!
  • Enhanced Stability and Acceptance Tailor-made for the comfort of sensitive horses.
  • Supple Bounce Will create an ultra-smooth, super-soft surface.
  • Latex-Free Composition Crafted to ensure no allergic reactions.
  • Pro Tip! Enhance with Friction Gel in Carrot or Apple taste, for a flavored coating that further encourages bit acceptance.

Dimensions: 5 cm x 120 cm
Material: Polyvinyl
Transform your horse’s bit into a tool of comfort with Fager's Cushion Wrap – where innovation meets equine care.