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Happy Mouth

Happy Mouth

  • Happy Mouth Mullen Full Cheek

    Happy Mouth

    Happy Mouth Mullen Full Cheek


    A Mullen full cheek covered in the apple scented Happy Mouth polymer. Available in 13.5cm Only

  • Happy Mouth Combination Bit

    Happy Mouth

    Happy Mouth Combination Bit


    From Happy Mouth Bits®, the Mullen Mouth Hackamore Bit combines an apple-scented, flexible plastic mouthpiece with a hackamore style nose. The Happy Mouth mouthpiece encourages acceptance of the...

  • Happy Mouth Jointed Baucher

    Happy Mouth

    Happy Mouth Jointed Baucher


    A dingle jointed Baucher with the happy mouth apple scented polymer covering the steel bit arms. Increases salivation and bit acceptance in a horse who doesn't tolerate metal or double jointed bits...

  • Happy Mouth Roller Bevel

    Happy Mouth

    Happy Mouth Roller Bevel


    The unique Apple scent encourages horses to accept the bit and the space age polymer provides for a gentler bit for a happier horse. The Bevel uses slight poll pressure, perfect for when you need a...

  • Happy Mouth Straight Bar Pelham

    Happy Mouth

    Happy Mouth Pelham BIHM451


    A very popular Pelham bit for jumping and Cross Country-The Pelham is a compromise between a snaffle and a weymouth- purists will therefore argue they should only be used with two reins, however due...