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BBA Certified Coach

As equestrians, we all want to make sure that for our horses, and any of our clients horses, comfort is the very top priority. At Bit Bank Australia, we’re always ready to offer advice whether that’s in person from one of our accredited Bit Bank Bit Fitters or over the phone. However, if you’re ready to increase your knowledge base, then our Bit Bank Australia Certified Coach Course is perfect for you!

An abridged version of our original Bit Bank Accredited Bit Fitter Course, our BBA Certified Coach Course is perfect for coaches and instructors from Pony Club level up to EA, gear checkers and stewards. Anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the different types of bits available and what they do, the correct way to fit them, and with an interest in ensuring that both horse and rider and perfectly comfortable will hugely benefit from this course.

Learn from the best in the bitting industry and leverage off Bit Bank’s solid reputation in the equestrian world both here and overseas – you will be instantly recognised as an ethical, knowledgeable and trusted person in your field.

Not just another bitting course, Bit Bank Australia's Certified Coach Course is there to support you well after you achieve your accreditation! We have a strong commitment to continued education and support.