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Turtle Power!!! The Neue Schule Turtle Top has arrived at Bit Bank Australia!

Turtle Power!!! The Neue Schule Turtle Top has arrived at Bit Bank Australia!

Posted by Charmae Bell on Oct 03, 2015

Introducing the latest innovation from Neue Schule now available at Bit Bank Australia
The Turtle Top™ snaffle with FlexZ!


Does your horse have a overactive or fussy mouth?
Does your horse have tongue issues but is sensitive to the traditional tongue relief style bits?

This one is just for YOU!!!

The Turtle Top™ is the result of many hours of research, development and engineering to bring to you a mouthpiece with superior stability that does not restrict the feel and response for the rider – sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

The clever design of the central link restricts the bit arm movement in an upward direction. Because of this the horse is unable to lift the arms of the bit independently. This aids in reducing the horses desire to play with the bit, which in turn also helps with tongue issues as its much more difficult for them to get their tongue out or over the bit.

What sets the Turtle Top™ apart is that unlike most bits that promote stability, the bit does not lock in or brace in any way so it is still providing the horse with freedom of movement without becoming ‘mullen like’ in its form, which can dull the aids and response. It also provides stability without using traditional methods such as adding eggbutt cheek pieces, giving the rider the finesse and soft response usually found in a loose ring. This bit encourages the horse to reach forward and seek soft consistent contact by refocussing inattentive mouths back onto the rein aid. Anatomically engineered this bit helps the horse that has difficulty flexing itself and rounding over the bit in order to achieve a true and correct outline.

The Neue Schule FlexZ design helps the ergonomic surfaces of the mouthpiece align with the sensitive inner surfaces of the horses mouth. For most designs FlexZ delivers parallel co-alignment of the Turtle Top™ dome with the equine palate, holding the mouthpiece securely centred over the tongue and preventing the bit being pulled through the mouth.

The Turtle Top™ is available in a 16mm thick Snaffle with 70mm rings or a 16mm thick Bridoon with 55mm rings. The Bevel, Universal and Pelham will all be available via special order only. Sizes suit horses from a 4.5” all the way to 6.5”. Please contact us for assistance with sizing.

The Turtle Top has been officially approved by Equestrian Australia for use in Dressage and Eventing Dressage run under their rules and regulations.

This bit is available on our unique 30 Day Trial