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NovoContact has landed!

NovoContact has landed!

Posted by Charmae Bell on Jul 09, 2015


NovoContact is FINALLY here!

The brand new Novocontact bit range was launched by Sprenger at Spoga horse fair in February 2015, Cologne and is now available at Bit Bank Australia!

Sprenger’s latest invention is a unique oval shape design which widens the contact area of the mouthpiece on the horse’s tongue, without putting pressure on the palate.

When the rider keeps a steady contact, the flat part of the mouthpiece lies sensitively on the horse’s tongue. As the rider gives a rein aid the mouthpiece turns forward meaning the contact surface gets narrower, ensuring a more precise and effective communication. When giving the reins, the mouthpiece turns back to its soft and smooth position with the flat part lying delicately on the tongue.

These bits are specifically designed for horses that are strong yet sensitive and usually unable to be ridden in traditionally stronger bits.

The Novocontact is uniquely available in a single jointed and double jointed lozenge mouthpiece.
The Single join is extremely beneficial for horses who are not confident into the contact whilst the clever design eliminates the nutcracker action and palate interference.
The double jointed lozenge mouthpiece is better for horses who are stronger and lean or pull against the hand, giving you responsiveness but not unsteadying a sensitive horse.
The Novocontact cheekpiece is available in both a loose ring and an Eggbutt side and all variations are available in 12.5cm, 13.5cm and 14.5cm.
I am seriously loving this range, seeking control for the hot or strong but sensitive horse is something I come across on a regular basis. I believe Sprenger have really nailed it with NovoContact!

NovoContact is also available on our 30 day Trial!

Want to know more? Contact Charmae for your FREE bitting consultation or if you are interested in learning more about NovoContact for your horse!