Neue Schule Turtle Family receive official approval from the FEI!

Happy Days!! The Neue Schule Turtle Family has the official rubber stamp of approval from the FEI!

If you haven't discovered these innovative bits yet, find out more below.

Turtle Tactio Snaffle
Great for those horses that have large fat tongues or open their mouth against the bit to escape bar pressure. use of a drop noseband is dramatically reduced with this bit!

Turtle Top Snaffle
The best bit on the market for a horse with a fussy or overactive mouth, also helps to reduce tongue evasions, particularly when the horse pops its tongue out to the side of the mouth.

Turtle Tilt Weymouth
The Turtle Tilt Weymouth sits further forward on the tongue creating a greater degree of separation between curb and bridoon, addressing the all too common problem of interference between the two bits. Recommended to clarify the rein aids, improve comfort and promote sustainable performance.

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