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Introducing Leovet

Introducing Leovet

Jan 24, 2023

Founded in 1982 by Dr. Ulf Jacoby, Leovet is a world class company specialising in horse care products. All products are developed and manufactured in Lahnau, Germany. With over 60 products currently available on the market this brand has become well loved all across Europe.

Leovets products cover all things health related for your four legged athlete. Ranging from hoof care to gut health they've got you covered! All products are meticulously produced using raw material and active ingredients of pharmaceutical quality with state-of-the-art equipment and scientific staff. Frequent quality control checks guarantee consistently high standards to ensure you are providing the most effective care for your horses.

A few customer favourites include Leovet five star detangler spray, braiding gel and body wash. With naturally sourced ingredients and silicon free, these products ensure long lasting results leaving your horse looking and feeling superb. The added biotin promotes hair strength and encourages growth from the roots. They have innovated your everyday products into world class formulas with easy application. Leovet quick and easy leather spray is another popular cleaning product, which is applied with a spray bottle and wiped away, preserving with antioxidants and restoring the leathers natural oils.

Leovet have a wide range of super food supplements to ensure your equine athlete is healthy from the inside out. The Digestive Balance supplement supports intestinal health with many extracted oils including linseed, bitter fennel, anise and cinnamon oils. They also offer Herbal Feed and Bioton ZM liquid which encourages hoof growth by promoting efficient keratin production.

Leovet have delved into the study of the respiratory tract and have tirelessly worked to generate world class supplements to maintain the horses lung and bronchi health. The high concentration Respiratory Syrup is packed with infection fighting herbs to support the bodies defences and strengthen the immune system.

Leovet products are formulated to implement a harmonising effect on the horse. Whether its hoof, coat, digestive or respiratory care Leovet have you covered!