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Universals and other types of combination bits generally use leverage action to help give the rider a little more control. Popular for XC, showjumping, endurance or other speed events.

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Beris PRIME Extra Soft 3 Ring Gag

$219.95 $175.95
BRAND NEW from Beris - Introducing PRIME! Super soft flexible anatomically shaped mouthpiece with integrated lip protection are the ultimate in soft kind bits for the discerning rider. Pressure is distributed evenly over the tongue and bars, the...
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Ti by Beris Lingua 3 Ring Gag

$279.95 $199.95
Ti by Beris - a revolution in bitting technology! The Ti Lingua Mouthpiece gives the horses tongue maximum relief because of the included port. It is curved to be softer on the bars and very slow in applying any tongue pressure. A perfect mouthpiece...
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