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Bridoons (bradoons) are simply snaffles with smaller rings to be generally used as part of the double bridle set. However, bridoons often suit the smaller head of ponies, and the thinner mouthpieces can suit those with a fatter tongue and can certainly be used as snaffle on their own without the weymouth.

  • Sprenger KK Ultra Bridoon 40224...88


    Sprenger KK Ultra Bridoon 40224...88


    The Original patented KK-Ultra design Bridoon from Sprenger- a classic dressage favourite.-The angle of the shortened center link is rotaed by 45degrees to the front, utilising the the tongue's sense of touch, enabling clear aids to be given from the...

  • Myler MB04 Bridoon (Level 2)


    Myler MB04 Bridoon (Level 2)


    Finally - a Genuine Myler Snaffle with a 50mm bridoon ring! Pre order now for early August Delivery Loose Ring Bradoon (2" Rings) MB04 Mouthpiece (Wide Barrel Low Port Comfort Snaffle with Independent Side Movement) Stainless Steel with Copper...

  • Training snaffle


    Training Snaffle Bit (fine)


    A KK style training snaffle that elimiates the nutcracker action of a single jointed bit.- Stainless steel mouthpiece and rings with centre lozenge peice.- 14mm thickness mouthpiece, with smaller 55mm rings (also suitable as a bridoon)- Available in 5"...

  • Sprenger Dynamic Loose ring bridoon

    Sprenger Dynamic Loose ring bridoon


    Dynamic RS bits are characterized by an ergonomically shaping of the mouthpiece.- They lie perfectly in the horse’s mouth resulting in soft and even pressure on the entire tongue area, encouraging the horse to chew. Therefore, Dynamic RS bits...