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The Eggbutt cheekpiece prevents pinching of the lips and give a slightly more solid feel against the side of the face. It also prevents the bit being pulled through the mouth.

The Lock Up snaffle removes the nut cracker action of the conventional snaffle, meaning it will bear less pressure on the horse's bars. The Lock Up is therefore a softer option, than a conventional snaffle, although it still applies tongue and bar pressure when the reins are taken up.

All Bomber bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:

  • oxidises easily
  • encourages salivation
  • helps bit acceptance
  • is warm and sweet

Please note that due to the oxidisation the blue will fade with use.

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Bombers lock up snaffle
Written by Brooke on Aug 20, 2018

Lovely soft bit which my horse happily accepts. Horse is better in contact and the bit is stable in the mouth. Also find the bombers bits fit well with a 5 1/4 inch being available which sits lovely in the mouth. Lots of “white lipstick” and a confident going horse. Thankyou