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Become a Bit Fitter FAQ

Being a Bit Fitter is incredibly rewarding, seeing the immediate difference we can make to a horse and rider is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Our course is now open to anybody and we would love to have you on board! You can sign up anytime here - Become a Bit Fitter

Here are some frequently asked questions.


  1. Is the course in person?

No. The course is 100% online, no travel required. 


  1. How long does it take to complete the course? 

Its completely at your own pace - as a guide its 6-8 weeks full time to completion. There are 12 modules online and 14 case studies must be completed to secure the accreditation. 


  1. What do I get as part of the course? 

We set you up with all the essential bit fitting tools to get you started including a mouth measure, bit bank branded accessories and mouth care essentials. We also provide you with an @bitbankustralia email address should you wish to use it. 


  1. There is already a Bit Fitter near me, can i still do the course? 

Yes! All of our fitters are independent from us and responsible for building their own businesses. We have an expectation that our fitters will work together, respect one another and become part of the collective Bit Bank Family. We are all in this together.


  1. How much is the course? 

The course is priced at $2499 RRP - if you pay in full, you get a $500 store credit to buy demo bits for your kit. We also offer a 3 and 6 month payment plan through the website. Think about it this way - The average bit fitting fee to charge is approximately $100+ so you will have your course fees paid back to you in 25-30 fittings!


  1. What support does Bit Bank Australia offer?

We have an exceptional private online community of like minded Bit Fitters that is invaluable. We also promote our bit fitters on our website, paid and organic social media and email marketing campaigns. We are only ever a call away!


  1. How does the commission structure work?

Commissions are paid as a % per sale from clients you direct to us, your clients also get a unique discount code from you and save a % on their order - you keep the entire bit fitting fee for your services. You can alternatively buy bits from us at wholesale rates to sell on the day of your fittings, or buy in bulk to fulfill orders yourself to increase your profit margins. 


  1. I work a regular job as well/I provide other equine services - can I still be a bit fitter?

Yes. We have bit fitters that work full time, part time or just casually. Some have just completed the course to increase their knowledge and don’t fit horses at all - at the end of the day it is YOUR business, work a little or alot to suit your lifestyle! Bit Fitting goes beautifully with other equestrian based services such as saddle fitting, bodywork, coaching/instruction, farriery and dentistry! 


  1. I'm overseas - can I still do the course?

Absolutely, being online we are open to everyone - we have bit fitters all over New Zealand and Canada with more countries to come. 


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