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WTP Loose Ring Bit with Brakes

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New to Bit Bank and available to order! 

A humane alternative to tongue tie! A well constructed racing Ring Bit with award winning WTP mouthpiece creates stability and comfort for the horse - now with added leverage for better stop!

Get your hands on the most talked about and recommended bit in the horse world at the moment, list of benefits include:

* Joint arms cannot hinge downward, preventing pain to the Palate, tongue and bars of the mouth.

* Flat centre plate prevents pinching and eliminates bit pressure by up to 85%

* Prevents horse wanting to put its tongue over the bit

* Proven to help with Head shaking, pulling, bolting, leaning, rearing, chewing on the bit and grinding teeth

* Creates a soft responsive contact

* Great for young horses or fussy horses

*Stops respiratory noise

*Eliminate the need for tongue tie

*Increases oxygen supply

*Proven to prevent lung bleeding (EIPH)

Available in 4.5", 5" and 5.5" make your purchase with comfort by taking advantage of the 30 day Trial!


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  • 5
    WTP Loose Ring Bit with Brakes

    Posted by Carla A Flint on Mar 01, 2024

    Affordable, great quality well designed bit that performs as it is designed. I love the WTP bits in general and this just gives you a bit more control for young or green horses. Thank you for an affordable option.

  • 4
    Improved Contact and Brakes!

    Posted by Erica on Jun 15, 2023

    A great bit! Used on my OTT who tends to duck behind and evade contact, leaving me nothing to work with. Have noticed a huge difference in his overall contact and downward transitions. I do not think I will ever move away from the happy tongue plate, it is fantastic. Note: Your bridle cheekpieces will need significant shortening from and ordinary ringed bit. I had to buy cheekpieces next size down, but totally worth it.

  • 5
    WTP bit with brakes

    Posted by Caitlin Maher on Jul 31, 2022

    This bit was an absolute game changer for me. My horse was actually scary to jump, jamming her head in the air, blocking the bit and bolting at every fence out of control but I switched to this bit and now she's soft and controlled, accepting a half halt when needed and no more wild approaches or head in the air drama! Never been so happy with a bit in my life!

  • 5

    Posted by Nadette Hodge on Mar 04, 2022

    So glad that I finally bought this bit. The horse in question is an anxious character that has a tendency to bolt when overwhelmed. He was never happy in a snaffle and while the kimblewick gave some control there was little steering and he was neither relaxed nor accepting of the bit. He is a different horse in the WTP loose ring bit. Much happier in the mouth, more relaxed neck and lower head carriage. The bit also allows some conversation and negotiation regarding speed, not everything has to be done flat out. It gives far more steering than the Kimblewick which is much appreciated. He hasn't tried to bolt in the bit yet but so far I have been impressed. I wasn't expecting miracles, as a piece of equipment is rarely the solution when it comes to horse problems, however I am glad to add this bit to my problem solving tool kit!