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Sprenger KK Ultra bridoon *Shine Bright* Rose (Pink)

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*Shine Bright* You favourite Sprenger snaffle customised with Rose coloured Swarovski Crystal!

The Original patented KK-Ultra design from Sprenger- a classic dressage favourite.

-The angle of the shortened center link is rotated by 45 degrees to the front, utilising the the tongue's sense of touch, enabling clear aids to be given from the reins.
- Adapted to suit the anatomy of the horse's mouth, by keeping low in the mouth away from the palate and keeping an even contact across the tongue.
- No palate pressure or interference.
- This is the original general purpose training snaffle used the world over by thousands of riders every day, and is pretty much a classic favourite.  It is well suited to a variety of different mouth conformations and riders of all levels.
- Made from Sprenger's Sensogan with stainless steel rings.
- 55mm rings and 14mm Mouthpiece. Available in sizes 11.5cm and 13.5cm only.