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Bombers Pony Eggbutt Happy Tongue

Bombers Happy Tongue Pony Eggbutt is made for small mouths - a non intrusive port offers comfortable tongue relief for sensitive  small mouths. All wrapped up with a neat little 50mm eggbutt ring and in mouthpieces from 10cm to 11.5cm mouthpiece...
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Bombers Pony Full Cheek Happy Tongue

The Fulmer cheekpiece, will have the same effect as the traditional Eggbutt in so much as, it will prevent pinching on the sides of the mouth, however the extended pins above and below the bit, firstly prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth and...
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Bombers Pony Elliptical Snaffle

The Loose Ring allows for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse's mouth. Our pony bits feature cheekpieces that are a ¾ scale version of our standard bits...
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