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Meroth FREEDOM Bridle-less Bit

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Since 1985, this patented and completely non-toxic Meroth® leather bit has been successfully used by riders and drivers in Europe for decades. This bit is suitable for any horse and any discipline and will conform to your horse’s individual anatomy after only a few uses. Most horses can wear this bit without a bridle. Especially suitable for bit-weary problem horses, who are being ‘remouthed’. Comes with detailed instructions. Please go UP 1 bit size from your normal well fitting bit

Materials: Completely non-toxic leather, stainless steel

Please note: DO NOT ACCEPT IMITATIONS! There is only one tannery in Europe, who still uses this time-consuming, plant-based tanning process. All other tanneries use chemicals, which allow a faster tanning process, but result in toxic residue in the leather. The Meroth® Freedom Leather Bit™ is made from leather adhering to European baby toy specifications and cannot harm your horse. (Also beware of imitation products from Mexico, South America and India. Here chemicals in conjunction with urine and other agents not suitable for ingestion are used.)

Only the original Meroth® Freedom Leather Bit™ is patented and guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals.

Please note: This bit should be used by the intermediate to advanced rider with independent seat and light hands. It is not suitable for use by beginners or on lesson horses, where the rider often balances himself on the rein.

Made in Germany


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