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**IN STOCK** KASK Helmets

Listed here are our KASK helmets available right now to ship to you from our South Australian store - please call us if you have any questions! 

  • KASK Soft Chin Strap Pad


    KASK Soft Chin Strap Pad


    KASK Equestrian Helmet Chinstrap Pad Soft Synthetic non-allergic leather with sweat wicking finish Sleek Design Secure zipper fixture Suitable for all models Available in Black, Navy, Brown and Anthracite

  • In Stock - KASK Star Lady Everyrose


    In Stock - KASK Star Lady Everyrose


    IN STOCK in Black in 55cm For those looking for refinement and elegance. The combination of chrome and opaque finishes, combined with the show stopping pink gold, gives the helmet and the wearer a refined and sophisticated beauty. Dont follow the trend,...

  • On Sale!
    KASK Lady-Fit Cradle System
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    KASK Lady-Fit Cradle System

    MSRP: $30.00
    Was: $30.00
    Now: $20.00

    Soft two Sided Cushioned Padded Brace Compatible with all KASK Equestrian Helmets Great for ladies who need to fashion the hair up into a bun/ponytail or tuck it into the helmet

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    NEW FROM KASK Everyday charm meets comfort and safety. Wear when going for a hack, taking a lesson or showing in competition. Your head will be protected whenever you are in the saddle! Kooki consists of 2 shells, the lower one in EPS and thermoformed...