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Winning Tongue Plate 'WTP' Bits now available through Bit Bank!

Winning Tongue Plate 'WTP' Bits now available through Bit Bank!

Posted by Charmae Bell on Feb 25, 2015

Not just for racehorses the revolutionary WTP bits are now available through Bit Bank Australia due to popular demand! 

Highly awarded and recommended by the best in the business including Leading equine behaviouralist Dr Andrew McClean and Olympic champion Megan Jones as well as the racing industry's elite.

"Yeah, that's great but what is so good about it?" i hear you say, but lets cut the fat and get the facts on this new-age gizmo!

The WTP bit was invented by Adrian Morgante of Intelligent Inventions. 

The bit was created to specifically eliminate pain caused by single jointed bits and uneven mouth pressure caused by other double jointed bits and to provide a humane alternative in the racing industry to painful and permanently damaging tongue tie. 

The bit works by encasing the moving parts in a cleverly designed slimline capsule/plate, the bit cannot hinge downwards which eliminates pain and rubbing to the roof and bars of the mouth. 

Because of the cleverly designed plate, the bit has been tested and proven to reduce bit pressure to these areas of the mouth by 85%.

The plate is only 11mm in height which creates a very streamlined feel for the horse, enabling him to close his mouth comfortably and work without fear that a part of the bit will cause discomfort when contact is taken up by the rider. 

The bit cannot fold over on itself and eliminates pinching and becoming too tight.

Do I recommend this bit? Yes, I do! It certainly looks good and the testimonials from professionals and friends certainly speak for themselves but stay tuned for our real life road test and case studies on a variety of different horses from competitive dressage warmbloods, young horses, troubled horses to OTT thoroughbreds coming very soon!

We can supply the normal plate Lightweight Eggbutt, Dee Ring, Full Cheek and Loose Ring for our recreational/competitive riders and the Ring bit in normal and extended plate as a humane alternative to tongue tie for our racing clients. 

Bit Sizes are as follows:

Loose Ring 4" and 4.5" with 40mm rings

Loose Ring 5", 5.5" and 6" with 65mm rings

Dee Ring 5" only

Eggbutt 4.5", 5" and 5.5"

Racing Ring Bit 4.5" and 5.5"

These bits are currently not approved for dressage competition use but the bit is currently under consultation with the FEI for approval. We will keep you updated as always in regards to the outcome! 

Here is some great info on why the WTP bit is so successful! Order here now -

All of our bits are available on our famous 30 Day Trial and the revolutionary WTP bit is no exception. Buy with confidence from Bit Bank Australia, call Charmae on 0439825670 to discuss wether the WTP Bit would suit your bitting needs today.