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Weymouths are curb bits to be used in conjunction with a bridoon as part of the double bridle. Please also select a suitable bridoon to complete your double set.

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Neue Schule Turtle Tilt Weymouth (Pre-Order)

Turtle Tilt™ a new innovation from Neue Schule! The Turtle Tilt Weymouth sits further forward on the tongue creating a greater degree of separation between curb and bridoon, addressing the all too common problem of interference between the two...
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Sprenger HO Weymouth

Sprenger HO Weymouth 42273

This unique weymouth feaures a slanting mouthpiece and smooth, rounded port that is slightly angled forward.  This ensures a fine distribution of weight on the tongue.-This bit takes advantage of the fine sensitivity of tongue, ensuring precise rein...
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Sprenger Special Dressage Bit

Sprenger Special Dressage Bit 42262

The ergonimically shaped port of this weymouth offers broad space for the tongue and is angled forward by 30degrees.  - Particulalrly comfortable for horses that are irritated by a cramped tongue as the bit reduced pressure on the sensitive borders...
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