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Thoroughbred Double Bit Set **New!**

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A tried and tested double combo now available as one of our great value popular double sets. Combining the slightly thicker Eggbutt bridoon for comfort and stability with the very kind and low profile Thoroughbred weymouth to create a confidence boosting double combination for a sensitive horse or horse with a small mouth conformation.

The Bridoon is the ever popular Neue Schule Eggbutt Bridoon
-This eggbutt bridoon gives stability within the mouth, boosting the horse's confidence to seek the bit.
- Very beneficial for short, tense necks and excellent for directional control.
- No loss in feel unlike other fixed cheeks (ie. the horse will not fix against the hand)
- The Neue Schule Eggbutt Bridoon can be of benefit to the horse that is inconsistent with the contact or that tends to sit behind the contact rather than take the bit forward.  The Eggbutt cheeks can also help a rider with unsteady hands by smoothing out some of the bumps and wobbles in the aids to the horse.
- Dressage Legal.
-14mm mouthpiece and 55mm rings.

If your horse is tentative into the contact (inconsistent), the NS Eggbutt offers the stability within the mouth needed to boost the horse’s confidence causing it to seek the bit taking the rein forwards.

The Weymouth is the Neue Schule Thoroughbred Weymouth
- This mouthpiece traces out a subtle convex arc angled forwards at 45° to the cheek shanks.
- When a contact is taken, gentle uniform pressure is exerted over the widest, least sensitive part of the tongue, greatly reducing any pressure over the thinner, sensitive, outer edges of the tongue and bars.
- This design is extremely popular with Thoroughbreds, as they usually have thin skinned, angular bars.  (Arabians and Anglo-Arabs as well)
- The Neue Schule Thoroughbred Weymouth does not travel forwards onto the tongue and allows plenty of room for the bridoon.

Very elegant 7cm Shanks, with a 12mm thick mouthpiece.
Dressage Legal and lovely for showing as well.
Available in 4.75" to 5.5".

Price includes curb chain and a quality leather lip strap in black or brown.

For sizing: please select your current snaffle size.  You will be sent a bridoon in this size and the weymouth a 1/4" smaller, as this generally suits the majority of horses.  (of course, we do exchange for size for no additional charge should you need).