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Sprenger KK Double Set

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A classic Sprenger combination popular with dressage competitors across the world.
- Featuring the Sprenger KK Ultra Bridoon with 14mm thickness, and the Sprenger KK Weymouth with an 18mm thickness mouthpiece and 7cm shanks.
- The KK Weymouth has a wide, sqaure port set at a 45 degree angle to ensure less pressure is applied directly to the tongue (and giving a comfrtable channel for those horses with very fat tongues) and that the port sits low and unobtrusively when the shanks are correctly engaged at 45 degrees.
- The forward port also creates a little more room for the bridoon to lie comfortably.
- The KK Ultra bridoon rpovides precise contact between horse and ride through the deisgn of the central lozenge.
- Both bits feature Aurigan or Sensogan Mouthpieces for easy acceptance of the bit, and stainless steel shanks/ rings to match steel bridlework.
- This set comes complete with curb chain, lip strap and Sprenger Diamond Past bit cleaner, included in this special price. 

For sizing: please select your current snaffle size.  You will be sent a bridoon in this size and the weymouth a size smaller, as this generally suits the majority of horses.  (of course, we do exchange for size for no additional charge should you need). Please also select the colour for your lip strap.



Notes from Bit Bank Australia:


SENSOGAN®  is available to purchase now- the Sprenger range from Bit Bank will be supplied in either Aurigan or Sensogan for the time being depending on what stcok is available immediately.  It is our understanding that Sensogan will eventaully replace all Aurigan stock available in Australia and will become more redily sourced than Aurigan.
NB: Sensogan bits are completly compatable with Aurigan if used together in a double- this has no adverse effects for the horse, nor will it contravene any competiton rules.