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Neue Schule Pony Baucher 8093B

Does your horse hollow and poke out his nose? - The Baucher snaffle promotes a round outline, the mouthpiece simultaneously lifts up within the mouth taking pressure off the bars and tongue. - The fixed cheek style of the Baucher offers the mouthpiece...
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Neue Schule Pony Full Cheek Snaffle

Neue Schule Pony Full Cheek Snaffle 8093FC

Reinforces the turning aid and helps with straightness- Good for young horses as will not pull through the mouth and helps with directional control. - The upper cheeks may be fixed to the cheek pieces to stabilise the mouthpiece further.- The fixed full...
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Neue Schule Tranz Angled Pony Pelham

NEW! From Neue Schule! A gorgeous petite gentle pelham made just for tiny mouths! An innovative lightweight, elegant cheek design very popular in the show ring incorporating the NS Tranz mouthpiece. This Pelham is designed to be comfortable promoting...
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