Neue Schule Info

The Neue Schule Sports Horse Collection & Performance Pony Range is an exciting, innovative range of high performance and superior comfort horse bits covering all English disciplines, at every level, from every day riding and Pony Club events, to showjumping or Grand Prix Dressage.

Neue Schule was founded by Heather Hyde in 2000, after many years experience in bitting as well as  breeding and handling young horses. She has a deep understanding of the design principles that helps both horse and rider. All Neue Schule designs are created from rider feedback and needs, and product tested with riders in every discipline.

These horse bits are carefully designed with CAD technology (computer aided design) to create a more ergonomically thoughtful mouthpiece. The Neue Schule range uses their very own patented Salox Gold alloy in the manufacture of the mouthpieces, which is a high copper content alloy that maximises warmth, oxidation and promotes salivation, acceptance and refined communication.

The correct design of the bit is critical, and CAD technology has led to the various different mouthpiece designs to suit a variety of different mouth conformations. Another extremely important factor is the material of manufacture. Although widely available, stainless steel mouthpieces produce a very cold sensation in the mouth that can cause the horse become to tense and inattentive as he is inwardly fixating on this strange object in his mouth!

Salox Gold uniquely heats up to blood temperature within seconds of being put in your horse's mouth, the benefit of this being its rapid acceptance and the elimination of the cold, foreign body in the mouth for the horse to inwardly fixate on.  Your horse is therefore able to listen to your aids and respond to the action of the bit.

Neue Schule mouthpieces are available in a variety of thicknesses, from 10mm in the pony range to suit the smaller mouths with often very little room for a bit, to 18mm in some select snaffles.  This ensures that you have the option to find the right fit in the right style of bit to be comfortable and effective for your horse. Most styles are available in 1/4" increments to ensure the best fit when finding the right size.

All of the Neue Schule snaffle bits (in horse and pony sizes) are FEI dressage legal, as are the two Neue Schule Weymouths.