Nathe RNF Bit (Butterfly bit)

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  Nathe RNF Mullen mouth Bit- a refined design similar to a Kimblewick.
- This bit is made of flexible steel wire core, bit guards and perlon curb chain.
- There are three different possibilities to attach the reins.
- The bits encourage the horse‘s chewing and activate salivation; the mouthpieces prevent allergic reactions.

- The bits are outstandingly gentle to the horse‘s mouth and tongue, and are especially advisable for the riding of sensitive horses as well as for a very sensitive way of riding.
- All bits are equipped with stainless-steel rings, respectively: side parts. The special bits are supplied with mouth-protecting bit guards.
- Rules regarding bitting vary from organisation to organisation.  Please check with your governing body for competition use and legality.

Available in 13.5cm only.

(Due to the easily stained plastic material, the Nathe Bit range are unfortunately not available for trial)


Available on special order only, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery