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Myler MB04 English Dee with Hooks 5" (Level 2)

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A Level 2 mouthpiece that will apply less tongue pressure than the Level 1, and introduce from tongue relief allowing more freedom for the horse.
- The MB04 mouthpiece will wrap the outer lip and the small port gives the horse more freedom for the tongue when he is moving forward, relaxed.
- Suitable for a wide range of horses, from green to more experienced, and good bit for dressage work (though not permitted in competition.  If choosing this bit, the MB02 mouthpiece would suit you for competition requirements)
- The Dee stylecheeks will assist giving the bit more stability, assist employing turning aids and can be helpful for either a rider with unsteady hands, or a horse that is hesitant into the contact. The Hooks will secure the reins and cheek pieces to apply mild leverage.

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