Myler MB04 2 Ring Combination (Level 2)


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Utilizing various pressure points, Combination Bits offer simultaneous interaction of the mouthpiece, curb strap and noseband.
- When rein pressure is applied or released, the bit automatically disperses or releases pressure to the horse's mouth, chin, nose and poll. Because pressure is dispersed, the bits offer succint and effective, yet very humane communication, allowing the rider to use less pressure than needed with a traditional bit.
- Rewarding the horse for staying light, the sliding mouthpiece offers encouraging "free play" before completely engaging, making the Combination Bit an excellent training tool.
- Popular for use for speed and jumping events, particularly eventing.  The two ring version applied less leverage force than the three ring.

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- Available in 5" only

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takes the heaviness from your hands
Written by Carolyn Campbell on Jul 08, 2016

I have used this bit on several horses which are strong and heavy on the hand. They do not fight it but are responsive to it, and therefore much easier to ride. I think the action around the nose is the major advantage with this bit. I only use it at competitions. The horses on which we have used it, are ex racehorses and can bore down when on XC. This makes the balance before a fence, a light touch, which is important when you are only 55 kg and your horses are large!

Revolution in bits
Written by Naomi Mumford on Oct 31, 2011

I began using the Myler 2 ring combination bit about 2 years ago when it became apparent that my horse was getting less responsive Jumping and cross country. He is a very sensitive horse so I looked for an alternative to a traditional bit as I did not want anything harsher in the mouthpiece, but something to re-focus his attention. From the first ride the difference was immediate and wonderful. He will still get excited but this bit works very much on a pressure and release basis and he enjoys the release of pressure. I still train at home in a Myler comfort mouth snaffle without hooks but when I know we will need the control I use the combination bit. The only con for this bit is that it is not Pony Club approved (and probably will never be), and therefore it limits the events we can participate in. I recommend this bit for horses that get over excited but also have a very sensitive mouth and riders wishing to maintain and improve the lightness of contact.