Myler MB02 Large Baucher (Level 1)


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Designed to communicate with the horse with basic training, learning the gaits, transitions and obedience.
- Features a curved mouthpiece for dispersed pressure and ease of swallowing.
- Uses tongue pressure and bar pressure- working mostly off the tongue.  Myler bits distribute tongues pressure more evenly than traditional designs.
-  Features the Myler "pinch and restrict with release"- the bit collapses on the sides of the bars and comes down into the tongue.  When the horse relaxes in the poll, the  pressure is released.  The horse then learns to come into the "comfort zone".
- The Baucher cheeks offer stability to the mouthpeice and can assist some horses into a more consistent outline.
- Only available in 5.5", with larger baucher cheeks (60mm diameter ring)

This is a very popular Myler bit, and the added stillness of the cheeks makes it also very effective.


*Anita's comments:  The Baucher in reality applies little if any poll pressure, though the various marketing materials for the different brands do still promote this bit in terms of applying poll pressure. The main benefit of this bit comes from the stability of the mouthpiece (more so than an eggbutt) rather than the very mild- if there is any at all- poll pressure.  This is still a direct action bit, and hence why is it legal for competition as a snaffle, and a bit that does apply leverage such as the 'spanish snaffle' is not.

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Myler Baucher
Written by Lynda Roberts on Aug 21, 2018

Quality manufactured lightweight bit with ultimate comfort and control.

Baucher for big horses!!
Written by Becky on Nov 29, 2014

First time my coach saw my new horse she said 'get a myler baucher'!! Has been great for helping me lift my mare's huge shoulder. Very good for developing a collected frame whilst maintaining a soft contact, and have found transitions are now completely from the seat, rather than fighting with bit evasion. Wish I had found this bit sooner as I've horses in the past which I am sure would have benefited from this! Great to find this bit in a bigger 5.5in for the bigger horses out there. Dressage legal and increasing popular in NZ. Great customer service and quick delivery from BB too :)

One happy horse
Written by S Norris on Apr 26, 2013

I wish I had discovered the Myler Baucher Large ring sooner. No more evading the bit due to tongue pressure. Beautiful downward transitions and we can finally halt without a fight. Definitely the best choice for my horse who hated his single jointed eggbutt snaffle which obviously was too harsh on his tongue and mouth. And yes, its dressage legal too :)

Baucher large size
Written by Mandy on Jan 17, 2013

Fantastic to find the Myler Baucher now available in 5.5 inch for larger horses. My mare has often been unsettled in traditional snaffle bits but really appreciates the extra stability the Baucher cheeks provide. She's going much more softly and I'm having to do alot less with my hands, plus it's dressage legal too.